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Traveling The World Harmoniously,Bearing The Future

Category Summary:Sanhe pipe pile never slackens its quality control. Every batch of products strives to produce with high requirements. It is one of the first batch of pipe pile manufacturers to obtain the engineering construction standardization certification of Guangdong Provincial Construction Committee, the construction industrial product license of Guangdong Province and the ISO9002 quality system certification. Through Intertek ISO9001 quality management system certification and Macao Civil Engineering Laboratory LECM certification, the company has established a complete set of quality management system according to IS09002 standard, strictly implemented on-site management and lean production, and ensured the long-term excellent and stable products of the company.
Prestressed high strength concrete pipe pile (PHC pile) by pretension method
Pretensioned prestressed high strength concrete pipe pile (PHC pile) is the most commonly used cement product in building infrastructure at present. It has the characteristics of high strength (above 80MPa), high density, low water cement ratio, low permeability (impermeability grade > P12), impact resistance and high structural bearing capacity. It is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, roads and railways, bridges, ports and wharves and other engineering structures.
Pretensioned prestressed high strength concrete pipe pile (PHC pile) pretensioned prestressed high strength concrete corrosion resistant pipe pile (dphc pile)
PHC pipe pile will encounter the erosion of harmful ions in corrosive geology, such as chloride ion, sulfate ion, carbonate ion, freeze-thaw damage and so on. In view of chloride penetration, sulfate erosion and freeze-thaw three kinds of environmental conditions, the company's technical personnel have been working since 2004 According to different corrosion conditions and the contribution of different admixtures to different environment, the durability index of pipe pile concrete is determined, and dphc pipe pile series products are formed. In 2006, dphc pipe pile series products passed the achievement appraisal organized by China Building Materials Federation and formed enterprise standards.
Expanding pile
The expanded pile is a pipe pile product with larger diameter at one end and smaller diameter at the other. In order to improve the mechanical properties of the pile, the diameter of the pile should be enlarged, the surface area and the cross-section area should be increased. In the process of application, the variable diameter pile is the last pipe pile, and its smaller diameter end is connected with the common pipe pile.


Traveling The World Harmoniously,Bearing The Future


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