The prestressed concrete pile is a slender hollow cylinder-shaped concrete prefabricated part, which plays the mains role of transferring the load of the buildings or structures to the foundation so as to meet various requirements of engineering. Therefore, the prestressed concrete pile, as the foundation of buildings or structures, is widely applied in the field of building, bridge, port and offshore engineering, and generally manufactured by the specialized factory with higher mechanization and automation.

Made by adopting pretensioning prestressed process and a centrifugal shaping method, the pretensioning prestressed concrete pile is divided into three kinds according to the concrete strength grade and the wall thickness, namely, the prestressed high-strength concrete pile (PHC pile), the prestressed concrete pile (PC pile) and the prestressed concrete pile thin-wall pile (PT pile) .Generally, the concrete strength grade of the PHC pile is no less than C80, the concrete strength grade of PC pile and the PT pile are no less than C60; in addition, the pile falls into four models according to the pile bending resistance and the pile concrete effective pre-stress values, namely, A-type, AB-type, B-type and C-type, and 10 kinds of different thickness of piles by the outside diameter thickness (Ф300~Ф1200).

As the product of "Scientific and Technical Achievements Popularization Project” of the Ministry of Construction, the pretensioning prestressed concrete pile has the following advantages proved by a large number of projects:
1. High pile capacity, low prices of unit bearing capacity;
2. Wide design application scope, easy for pile arrangement;
3. Pile resistance to fight, strong penetration ability
4. Strong adaptability for ups and downs of the geological conditions of bearing layer of pile tip;
5. Fast construction, high working efficiency, short construction period, clean and tidy site, civilized construction.
6. Professional factory production, stable quality, reliable performance, and convenient detection.

Therefore, the pretensioning prestressed concrete piles are widely applied to many projects. The application range is developing from the Pearl River Delta to the Yangtze River Delta and Bohai economic circle coastal areas rapidly, and is gradually developing along river basin. The Prestressed Concrete Piles application becomes unfolding in China.

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