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Traveling The World Harmoniously,Bearing The Future

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Pazhou branch of Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

Pazhou branch of Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center


Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (Pazhou Pavilion) is the largest, most advanced and high-grade International Exhibition Center in Asia up to January 2009, which is considered to meet the needs of large-scale international trade fairs and large-scale trade exhibitions, Pazhou district is located in Haizhu District of Guangzhou city. It is adjacent to Keyun road and Pazhou tower in the East, sports and fitness Park and South China expressway in the west, Xingang East Road in the south, and ten thousand mu ecological orchard in the East, and hydrophilic Park in the north. According to the plan, Pazhou island will be a brand new International Expo City, and the exhibition center will be a bright pearl in the city. The planned total land area is 2.03 million square meters. In addition to park and leisure land, the main project construction land is 920000 square meters, including exhibition hall, international conference, business and auxiliary facilities. Pazhou district is adjacent to the new urban center area which is composed of Tianhe District, Pearl River new town and new urban central axis. It is an important support and supplement to the urban center in terms of function and nature, and an important supplement to the image of Guangzhou CBD. The development of Pazhou area takes the construction of Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center as the opportunity and core, and develops into a RBD (recurrent business district) type and ecological new city center with high-quality living function, dominated by convention and exhibition, international business, information exchange, high-tech research and development, and tourism service. Use Sanhe brand PHC pipe pile AB 600 * 110 series products.


Traveling The World Harmoniously,Bearing The Future


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