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Traveling The World Harmoniously,Bearing The Future

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Guangzhou University Town

Guangzhou University Town


Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center is located in Xiaoguwei island and its south bank, Xinzao Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou city. It is adjacent to Luoxi island in the west, Biological Island in the north and Changzhou Island in the East. Facing Pazhou Island, the planning area of Guangzhou University Town is about 43.3 square kilometers, which can accommodate 180000-200000 students, with a total population of 350000-400000 (including rural population), equivalent to a medium-sized city. It is estimated that the total investment scale will reach 20-30 billion yuan. The first phase of Xiaoguwei island is about 17.9 square kilometers, with 10 colleges and universities, including Sun Yat sen University, South China University of technology, South China Normal University, Guangdong University of technology, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and foreign trade, Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine, Guangdong University of medicine, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou Academy of art and Xinghai Conservatory of music. Guangdong University of technology covers the largest area, about 2400 mu. As a high-level talent training base, a leading scientific research base and a cultural resort of Guangzhou, Guangzhou University Town can greatly promote the economic, technological and cultural development of Guangzhou. It is a first-class university park in China, a center for senior personnel training, scientific research and exchange in South China, a new urban area with integrated development of learning, research and production, and a university park that adapts to the market economic system and the status of Guangzhou as an international regional center city in the 21st century. In the tourism network system of Guangzhou, Guangzhou University Town is just on the southeast water town tourism line of "three lines and one center". The combination of campus culture and tourism will make Guangzhou university town a new highlight of Guangzhou tourism. Six series products of Sanhe brand PHC pipe pile a 400 * 95 AB 400 * 95 a 500 * 125 AB 500 * 125 B 500 * 125 a 600 * 130 are used.


Traveling The World Harmoniously,Bearing The Future


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