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Base to select talent by Sanhe
In the principle of "Good action promises position and position must have good action", the company employs people by character and Talent, pays by the achievements, and strictly follows the policy of “Competition for Posts, Survival of the Fittest” to select staff. The three basic conditions of the talents required by Sanhe are: solid professional foundation, excellent teamwork spirit, continuous learning capacity.

Employment Philosophy
Philosophy First, Post-suited, Enterprising, Dedicated, Teamwork First

Working attitude identified by Sanhe
The company promotes the working attitude of "Analyzing the upper team well, operating the team well, and serving the lower team well"
1.What Sanhe is different from other companies is that,any the yielded result which progressed compared to yesterday, is regarded as the innovation and could obtain company's acknowledgment and the respect and reward.
2. At the same time, Sanhe consistently encourages young staff to have the innovation spirit for a long time on the bases of working steadily, and have determination to conquer the difficulty.
3. The innovation promoted by Sanhe shall not only have the idea, but also substantive actions.

Working atmosphere provided by Sanhe
The staff shall all take “Rapid Response, Accurate Execution” as the work style and create an equal, trustworthy and enthusiastic work atmosphere with “Zero-distance Communication”.
1. The so-called "Rapid Response" involves in the timeliness and the clear process for every thigh. Each department and people of the process chain can complete its work and passes to the next step program in the shortest time. Rapid response is a mechanism for good or bad sign.
2. Precise execution refers to strictly implementing the process chain in accordance with the provisions of each process, and always keeping careful confirmation of the attitude and attention to personal and department-based work, which is a concrete manifestation of the system execution.
3. In Sanhe, zero-distance communication is not just the atmosphere, but the culture. Everyone may express the viewpoints to others, proposes the idea, and can obtain listening and attention, regardless of the qualifications. Zero-distance communication can make the communication become clear and easier to make everyone in the organization to achieve information with the consistent meaning. The clear information can cause the staff to be full of the energy, and can encourage the staff to take action. Therefore, zero-distance communication may bring the speed, and the speed is an essential impetus factor for obtaining success in the market.

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